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This case study looks at the creation of a website for the Geelong Restorative Clinic. Geelong Restorative uses breakthrough neuroscience technology to relieve stress, improve sleep, and allow the body to heal, regenerate, and restore itself. Like the business, the website needed to have a calm feel, and be uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Sally was setting up her business and wanted a website that allowed people to see what was being offered, understand the benefits, and book easily. She uses online booking software called Timely so you will see ‘book now’ links to Timely have been placed in several prominent places on the site. When building a website, it is important the visitor knows where they need to go. In this situation, the most important thing they need to know is where to click to book a session. It is also important that the booking is easy for the visitor. Here, Sally has used Timely, which provides an excellent, easy-to-use, calendar-based booking system. Button links to Timely are easy to find and are placed at various positions throughout the site.

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