Team Suze

Why TEAM Suze? I am definitely one of those people who has multiple personalities when it comes to skills. 

Let me introduce you to all the ‘MEs’. 

I have collected some very nerdy computer skills over time. More than 20 years ago (I’m older than I look!), I learnt how to build websites using only HTML code. This still comes in handy, even though we have more user-friendly technology like WordPress these days. 

I have always loved writing. I studied journalism and literature at Uni, and afterwards worked as a journalist at several local newspapers then moved to Sydney to work as a fact-checker and reporter at Who Weekly magazine. Later I lived in London and worked for magazines like the U.S. People and InStyle, and Who, and became correspondent for Who while I was there. Writer me also served as editor of industry magazine Australian Jeweller, and spent 6 years doing marketing and communications for Yarra Plenty Regional Library and its nine branches.

Writer me didn’t stop there. She also wrote and published a book of creative writing prompts, co-wrote a book on how to write and publish a novel and ghostwrote a book for a Somali refugee.

I set up Smink Works in 2002. Like me, it has had multiple personalities, fuelling freelance writing and an indie book and e-book publishing concern (which is still going). Now, da da, here it is with some nerdy technology services too.

Lastly, but by no means least, I have been a Yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher since 2015. Yoga and meditation are practices that infuse my life with calm and spiritual purpose. (The calm really helps when you are dealing with computers and technology!)

Now that you’ve met all of the ‘MEs’, I hope you feel comfortable to get in contact to discuss your needs and how Smink Works can contribute to your project.

What can you get from Smink Works? It’s time to find out!

Dive in!

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