A Year of Writing Inspiration (PDF e-Book)


A Year Of Writing Inspiration EbookA prompt a day for the creative writer. Get inspired every day of the year. 365 prompts and exercises for writers in search of creative spark.

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By Suzanne Male
Get inspired every day of the year.

365 prompts and exercises for writers in search of creative spark.
This book provides a creative writing exercise for each day of the year. These writing prompts are useful for improving your writing, getting inspiration for short stories or novels, story starters and giving your imagination a kick-start.


Five within Five
Look around you and choose five things that are within five metres of you. Now write a short story where these five things are mentioned.

Television Flick
Flick through the channels on the television. Stop long enough to hear a character in a TV show say one sentence. Use this sentence to begin your story.

Song Title
Make up a story inspired by the following song title:
‘Yes, I’m in the Barrel’

Weird Phobia
You have triskaidekaphobia, which is fear of the number 13. Tell a story where this affects you…


Suzanne Male is a journalist, writer, editor, publisher and marketing professional. Before establishing independent press Smink Works Books, Suzanne spent almost 20 years working as a journalist at newspapers and magazines. Most of those years were spent at Time Inc’s Who Weekly magazine as reporter, writer, foreign correspondent (London), and freelance writer. She has also contributed reporting and articles to publications including America’s In Style and People magazines, and Australian Bookseller & Publisher, and served as editor of national magazine Australian Jeweller. Suzanne has turned her editor’s eye to everything from articles to novels and film scripts, has been a publicist for various musicians and managed marketing and media for a regional library. She is author of several books, including the book A Year of Writing Inspiration: A prompt a day for the creative writer, and is co-author of Get Your Book Off the Ground: What You Need to Know to Write and Publish a Book. She founded Smink Works Books in 2002.