Get Your Book Off the Ground (PDF e-Book)


What you need to know to write and publish a book
Therapist, mentor and practical writing advisor in one.

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What you need to know to write and publish a book

By Suzanne Male and Anthony Santoro

Therapist, mentor and practical writing advisor in one.
Do you have a file full of incomplete stories? Or a brilliant idea that you could never turn into a book? Are you too scared to send off that manuscript?
Well, author, Anthony Santoro and publisher, Suzanne Male, have been through it all…and lived to tell the tale. In this book, they share their experience and knowledge on crucial literary skills from story planning to overcoming the sometimes overwhelming barriers an author confronts while writing their book.

Inside, find out:
– The 5 basic laws of writing
– How to bring your characters to life
– How to plan your story in full and write it
– How to maintain your readers’ interest
– How to overcome writer’s block and fear of rejection
– How to publish your work
– The secret to writing success

“If you have ever had the desire to be an author then you should read this book” Tony Melvin, bestselling author



“It is in itself a prime example of how to write and construct a book aimed at assisting others to work towards all they are capable of.”
The Australian Writer Magazine

“There are many good books out there about writing, and getting books published. This one is excellent!”
Flairnet Online Writing Courses

“If you have ever had the desire to be an author, then you need this book” Tony Melvin (bestselling finance author)

“I love this book. Even though my books are non-fiction, I applied your basic tenets, story curve and story plan – and the mountains of information I’d been swamped with magically fell into place. It sits on my desk within easy reach, and I refer to it often for both inspiration and practical advice as I progress from one stage of the process to the next. Thank you!” Sue-maree McEnearney, H-Spot (award winning presenter and event host)

“Now I know how to plan my story, how to use the story curve and that the words I use aren’t nearly as important as the communication or the story!” Robert Dominic Genarri (author and musician, Vic)

“Well done on the book. It’s provided me with some food for thought. One other thing I got from your book – and I’ve read a lot of these how-to books as well as other people’s novels this past year – is letting others read it. Today I sent the manuscript to a former colleague and friend and if I follow the advice in your book, I have eight more people to send it to!” J.M. (veteran journalist, ACT)

“For anybody who wants to write, this book not only unveils the steps involved in putting together a story from start to finish, but also provides inspiration along the way” F.M. (editor and fiction writer, Vic)

“It’s concise and the fact that it doesn’t preach to the reader is a BIG plus. I think that’s a problem with some other books and courses. Your book doesn’t do that, which is awesome! The book is fantastic” A.J.S. (fiction writer, NSW)

“After I finished reading Get Your Book off the Ground I just wondered why I had been making it so hard for myself to complete my book and get it published. I realised it was easier than I thought, I just had to follow the steps in this book” N.F. (author and executive, Vic)

“What I do love about it is that it really does help. Your book is easy to read and comprehend and it really gets me excited to keep writing.” C.L (Vic)